How integrity shapes the way we work

In what ways do our staff show integrity towards clients and candidates? Our staff pride themselves on having integrity and being supportive. We work tirelessly on your behalf and will always take the time to find the right solution for you. At the heart of our integrity is the drive to treat others with fairness…

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10 top tips for writing a great Accountancy CV

A well-written CV can be the difference between getting an interview and not being considered. Accounting is a very competitive industry, so even being called to an interview is a huge achievement. In a recent study it was found that most employers spend an average of 8 seconds looking at your CV. They then decide…

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Finding solutions in Consumer Finance | Bill McCaffrey, CMS

How much do you know about Consumer Finance? We talk to Bill McCaffrey, Partner and Head of Consumer Credit at CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro. He discusses the balancing act required of meeting the needs of both the lender and consumer. Hello Bill, please can you give us a quick introduction about yourself? Hi. I’m Bill…

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Cloud Accounting and reasons to embrace it | Mandy Bagot

Are you up-to-speed with your Cloud Accounting technology? Mandy Bagot, Director of Outsourcing at Mercer & Hole, sits down with Adam Munro, Associate Portfolio Director at AJ Chambers. They discuss all things tech-based in the ever-changing, fast-paced and dynamic world of accountancy and finance. Covering outsourcing solutions, awards nominations and Mandy’s own experience of setting…

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M&A Market Update: Options, Options, Options

As H1 2023 closes, we can reflect on an extremely successful and exciting time in the accountancy and legal practice market. Here is our detailed M&A market update so far. AJ Chambers has been involved in a variety of different practice profiles and transactions. From retiring sole practitioners through to c.£7m revenue firms joining larger…

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Meet George Cummings, our East of England consultant

George Cummings is an Associate Consultant specialising in recruitment for accountancy professionals across the East of England. Find out more about him in this short interview, where we discover his work challenges. George, could you please tell us a bit about yourself and what you were doing before joining AJ Chambers? I am a hard-working…

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How curiosity shapes the way we work at AJ Chambers

How do we employ curiosity in our work relationships? Part one in our series on AJ Chambers’ brand values. Curiosity. Most of the breakthrough discoveries and inventions have something in common: they are the result of curiosity. It is a quality we aim for at AJ Chambers.  Curiosity at work drives our staff to explore, ask questions,…

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Meet Szymon Mizera | M&A Associate

Firstly, welcome to the business, it’s great to have you on board! Now that you’ve had a month or so to settle in, we would like to ask you a few questions to share a bit about your background with our professional network, so they can get to know who they may be working with…

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M&A jargon: What does all the terminology mean?

When involved in M&A transactions, especially including Private Equity, there is a whole new world of words to adjust to. James Gosling gives his personal explanation of a selection of these unusual phrases, abbreviations and acronyms which are used every day. A brief guide to solving the M&A jargon. Adjusted EBITDA When you start talking…

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