Accountancy Practice Salary Guide 2022 (H2)

As a leading accountancy practice recruitment consultancy, we have taken this data from our day-to-day specialist experience in the market. 

Download below the latest salaries and recruitment trends for professionals working in London, South East and the East of England. Find out what you could be earning, or the salaries you should be paying. 


‘Recruiting excellence’ is what we’re all about. When it comes to selecting and screening talent, we exercise extreme rigour. We conduct detailed psychometric testing to ensure the right fit for your business. This process is vital, saving your valuable time and ultimately enriching your business with the best professionals available. In today’s market, anything less is a risk. Our effectiveness is powered by numbers. We’ve built a comprehensive network of accountancy and legal professionals and it’s growing and evolving every day. This critical mass means we can benchmark talent with superior insight and accuracy. We know what good looks like and we can quantify it. That’s how we identify the right people.

Have always received a great service from AJ Chambers with our recruitment needs. 

They put in a lot of effort to understand our business and provide great intelligence on market conditions which helps use give valuable intel to our stakeholders.

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In this article we discuss Craig Ewins-Jones’ career path into Accountancy and his thoughts on how firms are having to adapt their strategies and structures to ensure efficient service to their clients.HI CRAIG, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU DO?I am an Audit and Accounts Manager for Rickard Luckin Ltd and have worked at the firm for 11 years. My main responsibilities are to motivate, develop and support my team, look after a portfolio of clients helping them to achieve their aims and to contribute to and maintain a fun and professional working environment in which our people can thrive.WHAT HAS YOUR CAREER JOURNEY BEEN LIKE? FROM THE MOMENT YOU DECIDED TO BECOME AN ACCOUNTANT, WE’D LIKE TO KNOW WHERE YOU STARTED, AND HOW YOU GOT TO WHERE YOU ARE NOW.I stumbled into accountancy, which is to say that I never necessarily aimed at becoming an accountant. I was recommended Rickard Keen (the pre-merger firm which eventually became Rickard Luckin) by my college tutor who had links to accountancy practices in the local area and identified it as an industry that leant itself to my strengths at the time. I had a year out between school and college whilst my family were contemplating a move to Australia which ultimately never happened but allowed me to study and pass the AAT level 2 course to ensure I made use of the year. I then returned to college to complete 3 A Levels (Maths, Economics and Physics) and 2 AS Levels (Business Studies and Further Maths).From there I joined Rickard Keen, studied and attained my certificate in accounting, finance and business, then my ACA qualification and did actually get one exam from completing my CTA which I made a conscious but difficult decision to stop working towards in order to focus on a new role as manager of the firm.WHAT DO YOU ENJOY ABOUT YOUR PARTICULAR AREA OF THE ACCOUNTING PROFESSION?When I was younger my mathematics and problem solving skills meant that a role in accountancy made sense and allowed me to learn and hone the necessary skills, however, it was after being in the business and working with a team of high performers and talented and successful clients that I realised my passion was more people focused.I now find myself in a line management role and my personal mission here is to motivate, develop and support my team, helping them to meet both their day-to-day objectives and also their longer term career goals and ambitions. This is one of the key factors that gets me out of bed in the morning.I also have the opportunity of working with some fantastic local businesses and entrepreneurial individuals who are the masters of their craft. My client facing role is less numbers-based these days and more focused on the intangible goals set by businesses, helping them to overcome hurdles and reach their potential.WHAT OPPORTUNITIES ARE THERE NOW IN ACCOUNTANCY?In a world where technology and automation are driving down prices and turnaround times, there is an opportunity for us to grow and nurture a team of highly motivated individuals to become true business advisors.The industry has changed over the 11 years I have been involved, with less data entry now required and more real time and proactive advice driven by really understanding our client’s businesses and ultimate aims.Here we have an opportunity to build robust and lasting relationships with our clients and to maximise the value we can offer them.WHAT IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU’RE FACING RIGHT NOW? HOW ARE YOU TACKLING IT?The opportunity which arises as a result of technology automation is also a challenge. Accountancy practices may need to adapt their strategies and structures to ensure efficient services are being offered to clients which maximise value.Our firm is full of talented individuals who recognise this and are constantly refining our approach to ensure we are delivering the best service we can. We are also doubling down on our training strengths to ensure our people have the right technical and general training available to meet the increasing and changing demands of the various roles in our team.WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO BE EVEN BETTER?I enjoy working hard. My work ethic has been instilled into me by my mother and it is this that keeps me going. I am also convinced that you are able to have fun whilst also working hard to achieve personal, client and business goals and this is also something that drives me to be better.I want my team to have the best support, my clients to have the best advice and our business to achieve its strategic goals and I can do my part with continuous self-improvement.WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OTHERS LOOKING TO PURSUE A CAREER IN ACCOUNTANCY?Ultimately, in life you need to do what works for you. Not all paths are going to be the same. We are groups of individuals working together to help achieve the aims of other individuals. So my three pieces of advice would be:1) Follow the path that offers you the most joy and lends itself to your own strengths. If you are still at the stage of selecting subjects to pursue in school or college, pick the subjects which you enjoy and are strong at. Life is about balance so select subjects which test you in different ways.2) Physical exercise and fitness is extremely important for your mental and physical wellbeing. So try to incorporate some sort of physical exercise into your weekly routine. Something is better than nothing.3) Start every day with some objectives to ensure you have some structure and can reflect on what you have achieved.WHAT IS THE BEST ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVENI have had the benefit of working with some fantastic and inspiring individuals (and still do) so the good advice I have been given over the years is substantial. Something that stands out and was offered to me by one of the now retired Directors of our practice when I qualified, was to seek out the opportunities that make me uncomfortable. The thought behind this was that, if I’m feeling challenged or nervous, it is likely that the task at hand is helping me to grow and learn. Jake Humphrey puts it more eloquently: “Don’t sit in the comfy chair”.If you would like to apply to be shortlisted for next year's 35 Under 35 list, please keep a look out for our updates in Summer 2023. View the full list of 35 Under 35 Winners for 2022 here.

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In October 2022, we won the "Excellence in Marketing" category at the Essex Business Countywide Awards. We couldn't have done it without the hard work and dedication of all our amazing staff here at AJ Chambers.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted at the Recruiter Awards 2022 in the Best Professional Services Recruitment Agency category. This is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication in delivering an outstanding service to our professional network. 


We are also excited to announce we are finalists in the Best Candidate Attraction Through Social Media category at The Global Recruiter Awards 2022. We are incredibly proud of our team for this accomplishment and our dedication towards delivering an exceptional service offering to our professional network.


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