Pro Bono Week. The Impact Lawyers Can Make

Lawyers around the country are celebrating the voluntary work done for Pro Bono Week. With the current challenges and uncertainty we face, pro bono provides access to justice for individuals who truly need it. Here are some memorable stories and individuals that make pro bono week worth celebrating. In 2015 Shireen Irani, the founder of…

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How 2020 changed recruitment

By Andrew Hilliard, Managing Director 2020 will go down in history as the year the coronavirus wreaked havoc to our world. Nothing in any of our lifetimes has had such a profound impact on our economy, political infrastructure and public health. How 2020 changed recruitment. It also happens to be our tenth year of trading;…

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The changes in recruitment over the last decade

Looking back over the last decade we have seen a huge shift in the recruitment industry. The internet and social media completely changed the way we interact. So has the way you apply for a job. The UK workforce is now made up of over 50% of Millennials and Gen-Z’s. They are having a huge…

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How to be productive when working from home

Many employees have now been urged to work from home and for many people, this has many perks, however, it is bad news for some. Yes, you’re allowed to work in comfy clothes and have a more flexible routine but when it comes to productivity, are you really make the most out of your day?…

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Why a Specialist Recruitment Consultancy?

Why a specialist recruitment consultancy?  What is the difference between a specialist recruitment consultant and a recruitment agency? It’s a question that many people ask themselves when they are considering a new job role. There is a whole wealth of benefits to using a quality, specialist recruitment consultancy like ourselves to assist in your search and here are a few of them…  Relationships with clients  A huge benefit of using a…

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