With you every step of the way...

 We offer a thorough, helpful, and informative approach to make sure you receive the best advice and support in your search for your new position. 

In the course of our initial conversation, one of our specialist consultants will gather specific information about your previous professional experience and develop a thorough grasp of your preferences, dislikes, motivations, and priorities. Not everyone is driven by money; some people prioritise recognition, progression, or shorter commute times. To discover and understand the next step in your career, we will question and listen. If possible, we will conduct this face-to-face or over a zoom call.

Let the search commence...

We will develop a personalised action plan with timeframes based on the specifics of our initial conversation and our in-depth knowledge of the accountancy practice industry.

We understand that careers cannot change overnight, but to take the pressure and stress away we always guarantee open and regular communication.

Opportunities shortlisted

AJ Chambers has connections with an unmatched portfolio of businesses thanks to our combined experience in accountancy practice recruitment. We invest a great deal of time in maintaining and developing connections with significant figures within these organisations, allowing us to make sure you are introduced to the appropriate company.

Before disclosing your personal information, we will thoroughly review each and every proposition with you and get your approval to move forward.

We will work to create a profile and business case highlighting your most important skills, qualifications, and accomplishments.

CV advice

Following an in-depth discussion about your prospects, we will provide the right advice to ensure you stand out from the crowd. CVs can often paint the wrong picture if not written and directed properly.

Please click here to read our handy guide for CV presentation.

Interview process

Interview Pre-Brief

Our in-depth level of engagement and knowledge of our clients allows us to completely understand their business in the minutia of detail.  This includes detail on the company’s history, current demands and future plans. In addition to the technical and soft requirements briefing, we will advise you where to go, how to get there, where to park, what the building looks like and who to ask for on arrival.

Attending any type of meeting without knowing or seeing the full picture can be daunting and unproductive for both parties.

We will brief you on the format of the interview, the requirements of the business, its culture, and also detail on the individuals you will encounter on the day.

Interview Debrief

This is your opportunity to give feedback to us on your analysis of the meeting. Our expert knowledge of the recruitment process will ensure we ask the best questions to gauge the success of the interview, and helps us determine what the next steps should be. It can be difficult to accurately read the mind of a person you have just met, and not knowing what they are thinking can be frustrating.

We arrange thousands of interviews each year, meaning we expect to know the person you have met with. This allows us to provide you with an open and honest breakdown, as well measure your likelihood of success.

Interview Feedback

Regardless of your success at the interview, we will provide you with an honest, detailed, and broken-down commentary straight from our client. Never knowing or having the option to use the information to improve can dent your confidence and in some situations, affect future performance and outcomes.

We guarantee communication regardless of the message, and will work with the feedback to further the process.

Offer Management

This is good news but must be dealt with carefully and concisely.  We will work to deliver the best possible package. Negotiations can be a sensitive subject and often terms are agreed which do not satisfy both parties.

We are experts in negotiating remuneration packages to ensure the best deal for both candidates and clients, and our honest and open approach is tried and tested.


We will work with you to understand the relationship you have with your current employer and develop a strategy to ensure a positive outcome. Once again, this is a positive problem. However, if handled incorrectly, it can turn out to be more tricky than the interview process. Especially if you have been with your company for a long time. We will discuss in detail a plan to help you deliver the news to your current employer and roleplay some potential outcomes to ensure your absolute comfort and confidence throughout.

Ongoing Support

We see our current candidate placements as our clients of the future. As such, we will guide you through the on-boarding process, providing feedback and advice where appropriate.

Starting a new job with a new employer is a big step, especially when having only met the person a few times at interview. Our personal approach and the fact we know your new employer puts us in a great position to help. 




Would you be interested in earning up to £2,000 for referring someone to our services?

We’re always looking for exceptional accounting and legal people within professional services. They may not be looking for a new role at the moment but might be in the future. If you refer someone to us that we do not already know and go on to place, we will reward you handsomely!

Should you have anyone in your network looking for a role in one of our practice areas, please see our referral scheme details HERE and complete the online form. One of our specialist consultants will contact you to discuss this further.

*This only depends on the candidate being successfully placed by one of our consultants.