By: AJ Chambers | 17 June, 2020

Why a Specialist Recruitment Consultancy?

Why a specialist recruitment consultancy? 

What is the difference between a specialist recruitment consultant and a recruitment agency? It’s a question that many people ask themselves when they are considering a new job role. There is a whole wealth of benefits to using a quality, specialist recruitment consultancy like ourselves to assist in your search and here are a few of them… 

Relationships with clients 

A huge benefit of using a specialist recruitment consultancy is that they have relationships with the firms you want to work for. They build strong connections and live for the reputation held with clients, which due to how competitive the market is, can be one of the most vital parts of their roles. This means that they know what companies are looking for, what experience clients want, the qualifications they are looking for, and then can tell which firms are best fit for a candidate. It also allows easy access to more opportunities because the consultant will know the internal office.  

Having a great relationship also means they can speak to clients about candidates and discuss the recruitment process of who they’re representing and how they fit the specification for a role. If an interview occurs, it allows you to know that the recruiter has already spent a solid length of time selling your profile to the client.  

Market intelligence

Holding market knowledge opens a whole world of opportunities for a candidate that they wouldn’t usually find if approached themselves. More and more firms are using recruitment consultancy to advertise instead of advertising themselves. If a firm are thinking about a role but don’t have it live yet, then the recruiter will know to start working that position before its anywhere online. Most Consultants will pride themselves on the relationships and knowledge shared with candidates too. 

Dealing with negotiation and organisation 

The apprehension of submitting CV’s, perfecting cover letters, and chasing HR departments yourself will result in constant emails and calls from potential employers that you don’t want to miss. However, the reality of doing this via a recruitment consultant is very different and stress free. It allows candidates to focus on other things without the headache of trying to fit hours of job hunting around everyday life. The consultant’s job is to sort out interview availability, contracts, salary negotiations, and any problems that come up along the way are part of the service to candidates. This means that when a candidate does get an offer, they know it will be one they can accept without any regrets and can look forward to joining the new firm. 

A specialist recruitment consultant acts on a consultative basis, where discussions about any opportunities are done before putting candidates forward and when keeping up to date throughout the whole process. This enables confidence that they’re supplying the right opportunities to the clients and candidates. 

Personal touch 

The industry is so people focused it means that consultants become invested in the people they work with. The robust candidate registration process and the whole process of getting to know them is truly a key part of the business. Consultants love checking in with candidates and clients to hear how they are getting on in their new roles, or that they are doing so well. Recruitment is a people business; every Consultant likes to think they play a small part in improving someone’s life in some way. 

Clearly the benefits to using a specialist consultancy are abundant, the levels of expertise, knowledge, and care used in the approach to everything really does make a good specialist consultancy a massively useful tool in finding a new role. 

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