By: AJ Chambers | 25 May, 2022

Back to work after maternity leave | Danielle O’Hara

We interview Danielle about what it’s like returning to work after maternity leave. We love hearing about the journey of re-entering the workplace with a new child at home. And how the transition process has been.

Welcome back. It’s great to have you in the office again! Before we jump in, can you please give us an overview of your role and background?

Thank you! So, my background was initially in hospitality until I joined a start-up recruitment agency in 2015 and then AJ Chambers in 2016. My role hasn’t changed much at all really, I am still recruiting Audit, Accounts and Outsourcing professionals in London for different sized firms including the Top 20, Top 100 and leading independent Practices too.

How was your maternity leave? I imagine there were a few sleepless nights – just a few – but we hope you have been able to rest and recuperate, and that the little one is happy and healthy.

The past year has flown by, and it almost feels like I haven’t been off at all, but it was amazing to spend so much time with my son – even the sleepless nights!

How has your experience been coming back to the office as a working mum? Was it a shock to the system, or was it easy to fall back into the routine?

To be honest, it has been really smooth so far. My colleagues have all been great and really helpful, and after the first day everything just came back to me, so it feels like I haven’t been away. Luckily, the early mornings never really disappeared so it wasn’t too hard to fall back into that routine!

Is there anything you think employers could do to better support their workforce when returning from parental leave? What, if anything, did you find most difficult about the transition back to work?

I think just offering some flexibility is key – trying to juggle childcare drop offs / pick-ups / making it home for bedtime etc is really tough. Flexible hours, working from home – offering that kind of thing is important I think – not just for Mums but Dads too! Luckily, AJ Chambers is great for this which has been a huge help in my return to work.

If you would like to work with Danielle, please use the following information: | 0203 967 7984

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